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Classes at Little Scallywags

We will be introducing a range of classes in September run by the members of the Little Scallywags team. We will keep you updated on when the classes will start and their times. 

We also host My Baby Can Dance class run by the wonderful Cheryl, please find the class on Facebook for more information or follow the link below to book with her.

After each class you are welcome to stay and play!

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My Baby Can Dance

A unique movement to music class for 1-4 year olds. We focus on the children's key stage developments, balance, directions, engagement, numbers, colours, phonics etc. We have a wide range of props and every class is fun and engaging.


On Mondays

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Little Otters

Baby Massage

Bond with your little one using a guided series of soothing massage techniques. Facilitated in a supportive and understanding group environment; skills you learn can be applied at home.


For 0 to 12 months on Tuesday

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Little Jellyfish

 Sensory & Messy Play

Encourage your toddler to explore their surroundings and provide valuable opportunities for tactile development in a safe and controlled environment; fostering curiosity and imagination, physical development, independent play and social skills.

For ages 9 months to 2 years on Wednesdays

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Little Turtles

Story Based Arts & Crafts

Bring your little one on a new storybook adventure with us each session. Guide them to learn about the world around us using arts and crafts to explore characters and discover new worlds.

For ages 2 to 4 years on Thursdays

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Little Urchins

Baby & Toddler Session

   A chance for parents and guardians to socialise and enjoy a friendly community environment, while children make themselves busy with a variety of stimulating activities.


On Fridays