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Rules of Play

Little Scallywags is a parentally supervised play area - your children are your own responsibility. Our Staff are happy to help but can not be responsible for your children.

Parents/guardians must remain on site at all times and supervise their child to ensure they are capable

of using the equipment safely and to observe their behaviour.

 Everyone must remove their shoes and wear socks at all times when in the play areas.

The toddler area is strictly for under 2’s and Children under 4 years old should not use the main frame

without parental supervision.

We encourage parents/careers to play with their children and to use the equipment where it is safe to do so. All adults participating must use reasonable care to avoid damage to the equipment or injury to themselves or others.

 Only food or drink purchased as Little Scallywags may be consumed on site unless otherwise agreed with management. Food and drink must not be taken into the play areas.

No loose items are allowed in the play areas. Clothing should not be at risk of being caught e.g. tassels.

 Little Scallywags cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to property or personal belongings.

 Please report any accident, injury, spillage or anything you consider unsafe immediately to a

member of staff.

 Children who are unwell should not use the facilities.

 Bullying, fighting and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and you may be asked to


 All notices, signs and staff instructions should be adhered to at all times.

Nappies are to be disposed of in the designated bins provided.


We at Little Scallywags have made sure to address all risks within our premises however there

    are always risks that your child and yourself may be exposed to while using soft play

equipment and  so we ask that you enjoy yourselves while being aware of

potential risks.


And most importantly … HAVE FUN!!!


Frequently Asked Questions!

What are the age limits?

We are open for children up to the age of 8 years old, with a dedicated toddler area for under 2’s.


Can adults enter the play frame?

Definitely! You are able to enter the play frame.


Do we have parking available?

We have plenty of free parking!


Do we have free Wi-Fi?

Yes, we do! The information is on the wall, inside.


Do we accept card payments?



When is the last admission?

The last admission is at 2 pm, an hour before we close.


When is the last food order?

The last chance to order food is at 2 pm.


Can I bring my own food and drink?

Only food and drink purchased at our cafe is allowed (exceptions for babies)


Do we cater for allergies and dietary requirements?

Yes! We have options for everyone and if you need further information please speak to a member of staff before ordering.

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